Youth Hunter Kills 280-Inch Giant to Open 2020 Deer Season (Possible State Record)

While most hunters are waiting for their seasons to open, a young hunter already has a giant on the ground, and based on the green score it will probably end up as one of the biggest deer killed during the 2020 season

Kansas’s youth season opened on 5 September and 14-year-old Paisley Werth has set the bar pretty high. Her buck had 40 scorable points and green scored 282 6/8.

The current Boone and Crocket record is a monster 51 point that scored 312 1/8 but that deer was picked up, so it is not listed in the state record books. The largest hunter killed buck was killed in 1987 by Joseph Waters and scored 280 4/8. If Paisley’s score holds up after the 60-day drying period we may see a new state record.

Most of the information we have comes from a private Facebook group but pictures of the deer were reposted by Flatlanders.

Giant buck alert‼️ has anyone heard the story of this giant who was shot in Kansas? 40 points 282 6/8 green score!

Posted by Flatlanders on Wednesday, September 9, 2020