YouTube Hunting Celebrity Shoots world record crocodile

Sarah Bowmar and her husband Josh are fitness and hunting influencers on social media. They are known in the hunting community for their hunting YouTube channel Bowmar Bowhunting.

The Bowmars have been at the center of many controversies in the hunting community. Josh was famously canceled by the woke anti-hunting mob for his spear hunt of a brown bear and lost his Under Armour sponsorship. The couple was also at the center of a poaching case in Nebraska that seems more and more to be a hit on the couple. They are also constantly attacked because of all their African hunting trips.

Sarah has reportedly killed the largest ever crocodile with a bow. While the video and official measurements are not out yet, here are the pictures. The largest Crocodile ever caught and placed in captivity is just over 20 feet long. unofficial rumors have this crock close to 18 feet! We will keep everyone up to date as more information comes in.

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